After-sales service

Before returning a product to Optimal Tracking for failure on startup, you must previously contact Optimal Tracking to explain the problem that you are experiencing. This contact can be made by telephone (+33(0)4 42 38 05 32),email or post.

If Optimal Tracking’s technical services consider that the product must be returned, a return code will be given to you.

You will then need to return the product in its original packaging. It must be accompanied by all its accessories.

The return code must be clearly indicated on the packaging.

Upon receipt of the package, our technical services will analyse the product.

If the guarantee referred to in paragraph 9.0 of the General Conditions of Sale applies, the product will be repaired or exchanged free of charge.

Otherwise, a quote for repair will be sent to you free of charge. You will then have the choice:

  • To refuse the quote, in which case the product will be returned to you at your expense.
  • To accept the quote. Repair will be initiated after receipt of your payment. The product will be returned to you once the repair has been completed.