Who are we?

A graduate of Ecole Centrale de Paris, Frédéric ABERLENC is a model aircraft enthusiast and competes in the F1A Free Flight category:

  • two podium finishes in the European Championship and the World Championship
  • several times Champion of France
  • several victories in "World Cup” competitions

During major free flight competitions it is essential to recover your model quickly and regardless of the surrounding environment (forests, rivers, corn fields, sunflowers, etc.).

The Icare2 tracker was developed with this in mind:

  • recovery of the model under any conditions
  • immediately
  • in any country
  • without the need for a network (GSM, etc.)
  • very small, lightweight transmitter

The Icare2 tracker for model aircraft and drones has been designed entirely in France by Optimal Tracking’s teams in collaboration with the best radio and GPS experts. The Icare2 is also entirely manufactured in France.

In addition to marketing the Icare2, Optimal Tracking continues its Research and Development activities in order to continuously offer the ideal product for the geolocation of objects.

Optimal Tracking

360 chemin de Pauli

13760 Saint Cannat FRANCE

tel (+33) 4 42 38 05 32

mail: contact@optimaltracking.com

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