Testimonial from Chris Edge F1A flyer in UK

Published: 2016-05-19 10:38:54
Categories : Icare2

Testimonial from Chris Edge F1A flyer in UK

For me the Icare system is a natural progression from radio transmitters. The physical fit is very easy, I just enlarged the existing tracker hole in the model and wired up the transmitter to the model’s battery - everything worked first time with only a 1 g increase in weight!

In the UK we fly on some very difficult sites with large areas of trees and roads across the sites. By importing simple maps from Google Earth into the Icare reciever it is possible to know how close you are to hazards when the model is flying and make informed decisions on when to RDT for example.

It is really useful to know EXACTLY how far away the model is and that it's safe compared to trying to interpret the audio tone from radio trackers - that method seems so slow now. There is an added advantage that your friends can help track your model if you have a problem and visa-versa.


I now just use Icare GPS with no radio trackers in my new models and download the flight tracks for interest afterwards. The only problem is if you have a bad flight you have a record of that as well!

A great product of excellent value with superb support, and therefore highly recommended.

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