The GPS tracker for drones and model aircraft (planes, helicopters, gliders)

Fly confidently to a distance of several kilometres

in wooded or flooded areas,

with no network necessary.


Even in the event of a severe crash, Icare2’s unique technology enables you to immediately locate your radio-controlled drone, helicopter or plane in all circumstances...


tracker gps pour drone et aeromodélisme - geotraceur drone Icare2

  • The guarantee of instantly locating your device in all circumstances should you lose your drone.
  • The position of the Icare2 transmitter is continuously transmitted to the receiver throughout the descent phase. So the point of landing or crash is recorded by the receiver, even if the transmitter is destroyed or drowned.
  • Over 10 kilometres of effective range. Even if the transmitter is hidden or damaged on the ground, it will have transmitted its position to the receiver continuously during the descent phase.
  • Completely autonomous and independent of any network (GSM, etc.)
  • Works anywhere and in any country.
  • Requires no subscription, so it costs nothing to use.
  • Small, lightweight transmitter (4.8 g).

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